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[mkgmap-dev] STOP signs and routing

From Harri kuuma at bastu.net on Mon Sep 20 20:04:46 BST 2010

On 09/20/2010 09:50 PM, Hendrik Oesterlin wrote:
>> So, it is more or less based on luck, whether the calculation of time is
>> better or not. In any case, the time calculated should be longer.
>> Matters could be improved by for example making an automatic split for a
>> road if the segment containing speed-lowering poi gets too long.

> This reduces the speed in both directions?

That is another problem with road speed reduction based on 
unidirectional poi. (unless you make some workaround such as generate 
overlaying one-way streets for a workaround or whatever).

> You can see the effective road speed if you put your Garmin device in
> "simulation" mode and route to some POI.

Simulation yes. Routing, no. For example, routing for a faster roads 
ignores mostly minor roads and seems to caltulate faster route based on 
what was not ignored. So, a major road with lots of traffic_calming and 
traffic_signals gets preferred. :(


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