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[mkgmap-dev] Display motorway exits name correctly

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Fri Sep 3 10:34:51 BST 2010

Motorway exits tagged as the example below are rendered by mapnik [1] 
with a line break instead of ";" as they appear in the traffic signals 
[2]. Is there a way to get the same with the mkgmap styles? Currently 
they are rendered in a single line and they don't fit within the gps 
screen in most cases.
<node id='598580064' timestamp='2010-08-27T18:17:47Z' uid='26599' 
user='cdavila' visible='true' version='2' changeset='5610126' 
lat='40.4110976' lon='-5.7209946'>
<tag k='highway' v='motorway_junction' />
<tag k='name' v='N-630 Vallejera de Riofrío;El Barco de Ávila;La 
Covatilla' />
<tag k='ref' v='408' />
<tag k='source' v='survey' />
[1] http://osm.org/go/b8u96Qpm
[2] http://mapas.alternativaslibres.es/IMG_8688.JPG

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