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[mkgmap-dev] Overview map

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sun Jul 25 22:23:56 BST 2010

On 25/07/10 12:58, Felix Hartmann wrote:
>    Is there a switch to enable?


> If not am I right in assuming the most useful command would look like
> java -ea -jar mkgmap.jar --index --location-autofill=1 --description=bla
> --country-name=%country% --mapname=%FID%0000 --family-id=%FID%
> --product-id=1 --series-name=bla --family-name=bla
> --overview-mapname=mapset --area-name=bla %FID%*.img
> Using .img tiles as input instead of using osm?

Well you can use either, but the osm files are converted into img first
and then the overview map is created from the img.  So its the same 
either way.

> The problem that I see is that if we resuse the .img, then we will end
> up with the double lines. Now that we have a overview map (they can have
> up to 3 levels I think) would be to have:

Why would there be double lines?  So OK there are double lines now, but 
I am sure that is fixable.

I've since discovered that it may just be missing
the background polygon.


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