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[mkgmap-dev] Adaptable paths for input and output files

From Markus mkgmap.666.brainbug at spamgourmet.org on Mon Jul 19 12:00:24 BST 2010

Hi list,

I prepared a diff against r1657 which implements an --output-dir option
for mkgmap. According to the tests I've made, mkmap does not change its
behaviour if this option is left alone.

However, the diff is rather ugly, since file write operations are
scattered over a number of classes. Thus the code prepending the pathname
is equally scattered.

Untangling things a bit (eg. by supplying a custom ResultWriter() class)
would be worth a thought or two. However this might probably make other
changes necessary. As such a decision is up to the core developer(s), I
don't intend to foreclose that.

I uploaded a unified diff as well as the changed files to the following URL:


I'd be happy to apply changes if anybody tells me about the preferred way
to implement this in a more centralized manner.

All the best,

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