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[mkgmap-dev] How to create POI detail information

From charlie at cferrero.net charlie at cferrero.net on Wed Jun 30 09:47:35 BST 2010

NopMap (ekkehart at gmx.de) wrote:

> Hi!
> aighes wrote:
>> you can add address-informaton and phonenumber by setting --index. Usefull
>> combination would be --location-autofill=1.
> Yes, I found the hint that I can activate something with --index.
> But what gets added to the details? How can I control what is added? And how
> would I add some custom information like opening hours or a website for a
> shop or elevation for landmarks?
> bye
>             Nop

By default I think that for POI types that can accept address  
information (0x2a00-0x32ff, afair), mkgmap looks for any addr: tags  
and uses them to populate the address fields, plus it looks for a  
phone tag and adds this too.

You can "hack" this behaviour by adjusting the style rules to use  
different tags and get mkgmap to populate the POI address field with  
these instead.  For instance,
tourism=attraction {add addr:street='${note}'; add  
addr:city='${description}'; name '${name} (${operator})' | '${name}'}  
[0x2c04 resolution 23]

Sets the addr:street tag to contain whatever is in the note tag (if  
there is one) and sets the addr:city tag to contain whatever is in the  
description tag (again, if there is one).  This means that if I look  
at the POI details for tourism attractions, I see the note and  
description, rather than an address.


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