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[mkgmap-dev] Warning references bad object ID

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Mon Jun 14 19:27:08 BST 2010

> On 14 June 2010 18:50, WanMil<wmgcnfg at web.de>  wrote:
>> the multipolygon with id 4611686018427393761 is an artificial polygon
>> created by the --generate-sea=multipolygon option.
>> There is definitely no chance for the multipolygon code to get the
>> original object ID. This must be fixed in generate-sea code.
> Ahhhh! That would explain it. In that case, I may need to find some
> bad coastline. Thanks for the tip!
> Dermot

There is an easy rule how to detect that. The mp-code always displays 
the polygon-id followed by a list of way ids surrounded by brackets ().
If the way-ids are a long number starting with 461168.... the problem is 
caused by the generate-sea multipolygon.

4611686018427393761(6P)(4611686018427392539[6P]): Generate-sea

4611686018427393769(18P)(1049929[6P], 1049945[12P]): Mp created a 
polygon consisting of the way-ids 1049929 and 1049945


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