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[mkgmap-dev] avg speed on roads

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Wed Jun 2 22:25:10 BST 2010

El 02/06/10 03:41, maning sambale escribió:
> How much time penalty is added when the traffic_signal style below is added:
> 2010/4/24 Florian Lohoff<f at zz.de>:
>>> certainly improve the arrival time estimation:
>>> highway=traffic_signals { add mkgmap:road-speed = '-2'; add
>>> mkgmap:road-speed-min = '1'
Time penalty is applied to the way section between the previous node and 
the node after the one tagged as highway=traffic_signals, so it depends 
on the length of that section. In a particular case I had to add an 
extra node closer to the traffic signal, because it was a long straight 
street and penalty was to high, diverting to a not optimal route, but in 
general it works fine.

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