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[mkgmap-dev] Another question to "Fix my address"

From Daniela Duerbeck daniela.duerbeck at gmx.de on Wed May 12 22:36:03 BST 2010

Felix Hartmann wrote:
> Only certain types allow to show additional info. See older discussion.

Is there a complete list of which POIs allow it and which not?
> The patch resulting from there, is not submitted to trunk. Hence all POI 
> have "fix my address" but no GPS will ever show it, nor Mapsource. It 
> only serves QlandkarteGT.
So would it not be acceptable to remove the "Fix my address" alltogether 
for those people that have not much space on their units?

I mean, does this info help in any way? When I see that a restaurant has 
no address info I know, I could add it with or without this info. But it 
increases the gmapsupp file size. And this was the main topic of a user 
that asked to remove this info.


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