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[mkgmap-dev] Another question to "Fix my address"

From Daniela Duerbeck daniela.duerbeck at gmx.de on Fri May 7 23:54:44 BST 2010


I am not sure, but do I see it correctly that now POIs that cannot have 
an address information do not get it showed, even if there is one supplied?

Or does Garmin prevent to show address info for such POIs?

I ask because I personally like to reuse unused POIs (like Marine POIs) 
to give other infos to them.

So for me personally it would be better to add address info if there is 
one supplied and omit the "Fix my address"-info, if there is no address 
info. That would also satisfy the people that are "flash space oriented" 
since the boring "Fix my address" would not come if there is no such 
info in the database.

E.G:: I use amenity=taxi [0x2f16 resolution 20]
In Munich, these points have official names, that is in most cases the 
street nearby, most of them have a phone number, but they have no 
"legal" address.
So in my maps, I find the "Fix my address" nevertheless for these 
points. But I get the phone number what can be very useful.

I would propose just to show all of the address info that is supplied in 
the database and omit the "Fix my address" generally.

And: There are many restaurants, etc. that are just mapped, also without 
further address info. I think that these will get their address infos 
with or without the "Fix my address" hint. And people who just want to 
find the next "italian restaurant" can navigate to it anyway.


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