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[mkgmap-dev] Change mkgmap default options to make mkgmap more userfriendly

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Fri Apr 30 19:36:49 BST 2010

> For most people understanding which mkgmap options they should choose,
> is not easy - as one first needs to have quite thorough understanding. I
> think in general useful options should be the default - and not stick
> for ages to old behavior. I'm afraid I make to many mistakes if I change
> it myself, but I would propose the following default option changes:
> *changes that only need a default change because one can disable them by
> setting the value to 0*
> --reduce-point-density=5.4
> --remove-short-arcs=2.8
> --location-autofill=1
> *option needs to able to be switched off*
> --generate-sea=extend-sea-sectors,close-gaps=6000 (including this by
> default, may keep people more aware of coastline nondestruction)
> *options that would need to be reversed*
> --supress-dead-end-nodes
> --adjust-turn-headings
> --add-pois-to-areas (this seems to be the default behaviour of most
> renderers now)
> --ignore-maxspeeds (the current handling sucks, If we would change this
> to become default, I would be willing to rework the default style to
> make use of sensible maxspeeds)
> --route (the default style is routable, hence the default map should be
> routable too)

I agree to change the default options (this would be a good point for a 
new stable release?!).

I don't want to ignore the maxspeeds by default. The handling might be 
moved to the style instead of the hardcoded version (if possible) but 
the default style should use the quite simple maxspeed => roadspeed 
definition. Using the style would also enable to use the 
maxspeed=DE:urban etc. which are more and more used.
I know Felix that there might be very clever rules which gives a better 
estimation for travel times but as Greg pointed out they are always too 
local to use them in the default style. Maybe this could be added to a 
separate style?
So in the end let's wait for the extra OSM typical_speed tag (or better 
start a campaign for it).


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