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[mkgmap-dev] addr or is_in tags

From maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com on Mon Apr 19 04:24:49 BST 2010

(posting this discussion to the list, hoping others have an idea on this topic)

--- addr:street  & addr:city
seems to work well with mkgmap & garmin mapsource

at the moment, all others tags doesnt matter, like addr:state,
addr:village, addr:country (they don't seem to affect mapsource's find
function), but one thing I think is important (which is currently
missing in osmph):
there is a "state/province" dropdown menu i discovered in mapsource,
that mkgmap can supply using osm data, if said POI has tag:

eg. is_in=Rizal,,Philippines   <---- the particular POI will be
searchable under (State/Province dropdown)=Rizal, but will be shown as
"capitalized" RIZAL, followed by PH or PHI (wherein Philippines is
automatically replaced by the country code defined in mkgmap.
Definitely, this is intended for U.S. maps where the 2-letter codes of
States are always capitalized.

But since the search-function is already there, it's possible for
garmin to narrow down the search of cities & town in OSMPH if any
distinctive province-tag is available, which will make us garmin user
very happy :-)

Advantage: while addr:state doesn't seem to work with mkgmap (at the
moment when I tried it), i think we should still push for it on osm
(considering there are lots of towns & cities in the philippines with
similar name (isabela, rizal, taytay...), and it's a bit tricky when
filtering them out. addr:state or addr:province can easily be
converted to is_in='(province),(blank),Philippines' fprmat (for the
mean time that it is not supported by mkgmap just yet)

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