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[mkgmap-dev] a FIXME map style

From maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com on Sun Apr 18 08:37:22 BST 2010

Attached is the test map of the fixme garmin map I made this week.

The data are the following:
osm - to get unnamed roads (from the noname style)
Openstreetbug reports
keepright reports

In the styles, I mainly recycled unused Marine codes.  I also copied
existing OSB and keepright icons in the typ.

Compile syntax are as follows:
time java -Xmx1512m -jar
--code-page=1252 --ea --tdbfile --latin1 --country-abbr=PHI
--country-name=PHILIPPINES --remove-short-arcs=5 --transparent
--family-id=640 --family-name="FIXME" --ignore-osm-bounds
--overview-mapname=40000001 --series-name="FIXME"
--style-file=/home/maning/osm/routable_garmin/svn/styles/fixme *.osm

Now a couple of questions.
1.  Even though the points style includes only places=*, osb and
keepright code assignment, I still get other POIs in the map (hotels,
shops, etc).  Why is this so?
2. I activated the transparent switch in order to integrate the map
into the regular maps.  However, in etrex is see the keepright POIs
underneath the roads.

On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 3:03 AM, WanMil <wmgcnfg at web.de> wrote:
>> 0>  In article<4BB0E0B4.9090805 at web.de>,
>> 0>  WanMil<URL:mailto:wmgcnfg at web.de>  ("Wanmil") wrote:
>> Wanmil>  sometimes I create a map that colours the streets depending on
>> Wanmil>  their maxspeed tag. I have attached the mkgmap style files and
>> Wanmil>  the typ file.
>> Thanks - I've been intending to do that; I'll have a play with your
>> style.  As I colour roads according to their class, I'll make the styles
>> fairly transparent - probably using 3 yellow dots for 30, 4 for 40 and
>> so on (conveniently, we use mph here in GB, so it only needs to go up
>> to 7).
> That sounds good!
> The style was my first contact with the style system and TYP files, so I
> think some things can be improved for sure!
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