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[mkgmap-dev] Gmapibuilder: Searching for new site to host source code

From Lambertus osm at na1400.info on Wed Feb 10 22:35:05 GMT 2010

Ah sorry, it wasn't a mail afterall but a forum post... Well, here it 
is: http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?pid=59086#p59086

    Hi Lambertus,

    Has anything been changed with the system that generates RoadTrip
    maps? I downloaded a map and MapInstall gives an error: "Alert.
    There is a problem with the OSM World Routable installation. Please
    re-install OSM World Routable and start MapInstall again"

    I tried re-installing the map to no avail. I reinstalled the
    previous OSM routable map and it works fine with MapInstall.

    Interestingly the problem map is installed to RaodTrip with
    MapManager no problem. Its just MapInstall finds an error with the map.


Lambertus wrote:
> If Gmapibuilder is not suitable for the Mkgmap SVN repository, then you 
> could try the OSM SVN repository... I guess many of us already have an 
> account for the OSM repository.
> As a sidenote, I got a mail today about Gmapibuilder results claiming 
> that the MapInstaller gives an error with my latest map release. Since I 
> haven't changed gmapibuilder it might be something in Mkgmap (r1557) 
> that triggers this. Is someone with access to a Mac able to check? 
> Unfortunately I cannot find the email report with the exact description 
> anymore... 8-? The gmapibuilder version I have is dated Nov 16, 2009 (I 
> think Clinton mailed that one to me).
> You could try Clinton Gladstone wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I, and others, have noticed that the original hosting server for Gmapibuilder appears to be no longer available. Attempts to contact the original author have also failed.
>> Fortunately the source is BSD licensed. I still have the source (which I patched to convert .mdr and .mdx files as well), and would like to find a new permanent host for it. Are there any disadvantages to using Google Source, or is there a better place to host the code?
>> (For those of you who do not know/remember Gmapibuilder converts maps created by mkgmap to the Gmapi format used on Mac OS X.)
>> Any advice is appreciated.
>> Cheers.
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