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[mkgmap-dev] Speed Cameras

From charlie at cferrero.net charlie at cferrero.net on Tue Feb 2 15:52:19 GMT 2010

Quoting Rodrigo Avila <rodrigo at avila.net.br>:

> Hi Charlie,
> If I use the PIO Loader, I can make the GPS gives a visual and audible
> alert when I get close to these cameras. If I use a style sheet, I
> will achieve this level of alert, or just show the points on the map
> using a icon?
Good question.  On my GPS I can set it up to sound a proximity alert  
to waypoints, though I've never tried to see if I can do this against  
a whole category of POIs, rather than individual waypoints.

I suspect it may depend on the GPS unit.


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