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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v1] adjust turn headings more

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Sat Jan 23 10:57:26 GMT 2010

Hello Charlie,

> Cool.  I'd noticed that my GPS wasn't coping with this situation 
> properly before.

Please give it a go and see if makes things better (or worse).

> Are there any further turn behaviours that still need 
> to be coded for?

Yes, I can think of two other behaviours that could be handled better:

1 - when travelling from a side road to a main road, if the angle at
which the side road joins the main road becomes shallow, you don't get
a turn instruction. This isn't always a problem but sometimes it's not
that obvious to the human whether they should turn left or right
without looking at the gps display. 

2 - this is more annoying, when reaching a fork in the road where
neither of the roads are a continuation of the current road, you don't
always get an instruction (when the heading of the one of the exit
roads is a close match to the incoming road's heading).

I have tried coding for both of the scenarios but, so far, have had no
success at improving the GPS's directions.



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