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[mkgmap-dev] problem seeing OSM maps on nuvi 255w

From Ben Konrath ben at bagu.org on Tue Dec 22 20:06:38 GMT 2009

Hi Clinton,

On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 1:55 PM, Clinton Gladstone
<clinton.gladstone at googlemail.com> wrote:
> No, I have a European Nuvi; I believe it has a worldwide base map and the City Navigator (or whatever it's called) for Europe. I have not yet have any conflicts with the maps. I do load all my OSM maps onto an SD card though.

When I was in Costa Rica I was able to load the OSM maps without a
problem because the included Garmin city maps didn't cover the same
area. That might be the same when you were in Ontario - you were able
to see the Ontario OSM map fine because it didn't cover the same area
as the included Garmin City maps. What happens when you load an mkgmap
generated map for an area in Europe that overlaps the included Garmin
city maps for Europe? Does this work for you?

FWIW, I have the same problem if I load the maps on an SD card or on
the unit itself.

Cheers, Ben

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