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[mkgmap-dev] naming map layers in a gmapsupp.img

From charlie at cferrero.net charlie at cferrero.net on Mon Dec 14 17:10:51 GMT 2009

Quoting Torsten Leistikow <de_muur at gmx.de>:

> Moin,
> I have multiple map layers in my gmapsupp.img file, but I can not   
> set the name
> of the layers, so that they can be identified on my nuvi.
> The first layer is created by the following call:
> java -jar  -Xmx6144M ../../mkgmap-r1170/mkgmap.jar
> --style-file=../../styles/06_restrictions_motorcar --remove-short-arcs=5
> --transparent --product-id=7 --family-id=46 --country-name="Deutschland"
> --country-abbr="D" --family-name="OSM_M_OV" --tdbfile --draw-priority=18
> --max-jobs=3 ../../osm/Europa/66666???.osm.gz
> The second layer is created by the following call:
> java -jar  -Xmx6144M ../../mkgmap-r1170/mkgmap_style_2.jar
> --style-file=../../styles/03_topo_base --remove-short-arcs=5 --product-id=7
> --family-id=43 --country-name="Deutschland" --country-abbr="D"
> --family-name="OSM_BASE" --tdbfile --draw-priority=8 --max-jobs=3
> ../../osm/Europa/66663???.osm.gz
> And in a third step I combine both layers into the gmapsupp.img:
> java -jar mkgmap-r1429/mkgmap.jar --product-id=7 --mapset-name=OSM_M004
> --gmapsupp img/06_restrictions_motorcar/*.img img/03_topo_base/*.img
> img/03_topo_base/OSM_BASE.TYP
> The resulting map is working ok, just when I look at the map settings in my
> nuvi, both layers are displayed in the same way
> family name
> [1] OSM street map
> family name
> [1] OSM street map
> So, what parameters do I have to set, so that I can identify the   
> layers on the
> nuvi by the mapname?
> Gruss
> Torsten

I have noticed the same problem on my GPSMap.  The name shown is that  
of the top layer, no matter what options have been used to compile  
each layer.  All layers have a different family ID.  I combine files  
using sendmap, not mkgmap, incidentally, so the problem is not  
occurring in the combine step.


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