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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v2] grok unpavedness + ferry nature

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Tue Dec 8 15:40:26 GMT 2009

On 08.12.2009 16:25, Nakor wrote:
>>     I was going to try it but I do nothave the ferry option on my GPS.
>     -- Well it works identical to toll and and unpaved avoidances.
> Yes but I do not have the ferry check box on my GPS.
>>     I'd like to do a recap on routing options that I have and how
>>     they work. Please correct me if I am wrong:
>>     U-turns: done internally by the routing algorithm
>     -- Well it kinda could be handled by tweezing arcs, but more or
>     less this is useless.
>>     Toll roads: not implemented yet in mkgmap?
>     -- long ago implemented - you can use add toll=yes.
> I'd have to try that.
>>     Highways: by road type
>     -- what kind of unit to you have to get this working. Never seen
>     any Garmin GPS where one could exclude highways based on type.
> I was just assuming here. So you're saying it does not work at the 
> moment?
Well I have never seen such a setting where you can exclude roads by 
type from routing. 0x01-0x13 is routable, and then with limitation 0x1a 
and 0x1b so how the fuck are you excluding a road type?
The GPS does not know whether 0x07 is a motorway or a residential road.* 
I don't say it does not work, I say excluding by road type does not exist!*

Some GPS and Garmin Mobile XT have the possiblity to avoid: Major Roads, 
Medium Roads and Minor Roads I have not found out what is behind these 
settings. I do assume: Major roads avois road_class 3+4, Minor Roads 
avoids road_class=0, and Medoi, Rpads avoids road_class =1+2
But never really tried this out.
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