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[mkgmap-dev] suppress street labels / set name=nil

From Ben benedikt at cortado.de on Wed Dec 2 06:14:08 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Is there a smart way to have mkgmap explicitly setting an empty name for 
- when I use [default_name ''] the name is filled with some odd content, 
in my case "Castle Hill Police"...
- when I use [default_name ' '] the name is filled with the expected 
space, but this causes a black rectangle to appear instead of a label

the setting on Garmin devices (I am testing on a 60CSx) "Max Zoom: 
Street Label"
doesnt seem to work properly fro some ways: even if set to "off", some 
street labels are still shown, e.g. steps and cycleways.
This clutters up the map, so I want to suppress names for those types of 


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