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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v1] make DP filter avoid removing points located at nodes

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Sun Nov 22 18:12:02 GMT 2009

Hi Johann,

> Hi Mark,
> I've not tested the patch, but looked at the diff. Could not see the 
> sense in it at a glance. For me it makes no difference to the previous 
> state.
> What do you intend with this patch?
> Regards,
> Johann

If I understand the problem correctly, if someone (Felix, for example)
generates multiple lines from the same OSM way and one of the lines is
routable and the other(s) are not, then the original DP code would
generate different shaped lines for the routable and non-routable ways
because only the routable version of the line had CoordNodes in it. So,
my patch just marks those points that are going to be nodes but that's
done before the way is duplicated so those marked points will be seen
in the DP code for both the routable and non-routable lines that are
based on the same set of points. That's the theory, hopefully someone
(Felix, for example) will test the patch and let us know if it works as



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