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[mkgmap-dev] Route calculation error introduced in r1337:1343

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Tue Nov 10 21:27:03 GMT 2009

Hi Mark,

and thanks for your quick response.

> > Should I track down the earliest buggy revision, or is the r1337:1343 range
> > of revisions specific enough?

One more observation: r1338 is fine.  Between r1338 and r1343, the only
changes according to svn:log are to message reporting and MAX_ARC_LENGTH.

> Could you please try reducing the value of MAX_ARC_LENGTH (in
> StyledConverter.java), initially right back to 25Km as that's what it's
> been for a long time and see if it makes any difference for you. If
> that doesn't help, you could try using smaller values for some of the
> other constants there.

Guess what, this works:

Index: src/uk/me/parabola/mkgmap/osmstyle/StyledConverter.java
--- src/uk/me/parabola/mkgmap/osmstyle/StyledConverter.java	(revision 1365)
+++ src/uk/me/parabola/mkgmap/osmstyle/StyledConverter.java	(working copy)
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ public class StyledConverter implements 
 	private final Map<Way, Way> originalWay = new HashMap<Way, Way>();
 	// limit arc lengths to what can be handled by RouteArc
-	private final int MAX_ARC_LENGTH = 75000;
+	private final int MAX_ARC_LENGTH = 25000;
 	private final int MAX_POINTS_IN_WAY = LineSplitterFilter.MAX_POINTS_IN_LINE;
Best regards,


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