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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH] Improve display of highway shields

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Sun Nov 8 21:08:25 GMT 2009

Clinton Gladstone wrote:
> The attached patch is an attempt to improve the reliability and 
> flexibility for displaying highway shields. It does the following:
> 1. Removes the alpha balancing coding. (This coding checked that 
> values for signs were primarily numeric, and therefore prevented refs 
> such as "QEW" from being displayed as highway shields.)
> 2. Removes ALL spaces from refs, so that the complete ref will be 
> displayed in the shield. (Previously only the first space was removed, 
> which caused refs like "B 1 2" to be displayed as "B1" in the shield.)
> 3. Checks, after spaces have been removed, if the ref is too long to 
> be displayed in a shield. If the ref is too long, the shield code will 
> not be added; the road label will displayed normally. The maximum 
> length of the ref is determined in the following manner:
> 3.1. The default of 8 characters is used. This is the previous behaviour.
> 3.2. If a colon character (":") followed by a number is appended to 
> the highway symbol in the style file, that number will override the 
> maximum length. Example: "highway-symbol:box:6" sets the maximum to 6 
> characters.
> 3.3. If an additional colon character followed by a number is appended 
> to the highway symbol, this second number will be used as the maximum 
> length for alpha only refs. Example: "highway-symbol:box:6:4" sets the 
> maximum to 6 for numeric and alphanumeric refs, but 4 for alpha only 
> refs.
> I use the following in my style file:
>   '${ref|highway-symbol:box:6:4}'
> This sets the maximum length of alphanumeric shields to be 6 (e.g., 
> M1234a, or 123456), and alpha only shields to be 4 (e.g., ABCD). Such 
> a setting works well for me in the areas I am interested in. It 
> prevents labels such as "Südring" from being displayed as shields, but 
> catches most other refs which can reasonably be displayed in shields.
> The approach of this patch allows creative mappers to have a certain 
> amount of control over shield display, but still preserves the default 
> behaviour of the
Great - solves many problems (especially the differences between 
hbox/box and oval and others...
Have not found any bug.

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