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[mkgmap-dev] highway shields in label occasionally dropped

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Thu Nov 5 18:29:26 GMT 2009

Clinton Gladstone wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 7:04 PM, Gert Münzel <Gert.Muenzel at netcologne.de> wrote:
>> The  "BUS US-127" is simply to long for displaying it in a highway
>> shield on GPS.
>> Isn't there a way dealing with this via stylefile?. e.g looking up the
>> content of REF and checking if there is a "BUS " at the beginning and
>> then cutting of this "BUS " so that only "US-127" remains  which then is
>> displayable ?
>> Just an idea of a poor man having less experience with style files.
> At the moment, this is not possible. I believe we did have some
> discussion about allowing regular expressions in the style files, but
> the approach and necessary syntax seemed somewhat unwieldy.
> Also, in this example, I think the "BUS" in "BUS US-127" stands for
> "Business Loop", which is distinct from the main "US-127", so dropping
> the "BUS" could be potentially misleading.
> We certainly seem to have a problem, because it is hard to determine
> exactly what is reasonable to display in the highway shields. This can
> be quite subjective too. Right now with the code, I am getting things
> like "Südring" appearing as shields, which doesn't really seem right.
> (This is why I thought about lowering the limit for alpha-only
> strings.)
> Let's do some more thinking about a flexible solution.
> Cheers.
I think we need a special file where one can exclude words foremost 
(besides of course in-built removal on non-displayable characters, 
Of people put things like "bicycle route 34" into the ref, so there 
would be the need for a file where one can define words to be dropped 
(i.e. "bicycle route").
The same filter would be nice for names (e.g. checking after applying 
the style-file whether no words are two times inside the name - often 
where well known routes are passing, streets / ways simpy get the name 
of the route (be it official, local name for that street, or because 
mapper thinks better some name than none...) So if you add the route 
name to the name of the street you get things like "Donauradweg 
Donauradweg Noe section 5) (but section 5 will be in reference too) or 
ref that is added to a relation as ref="" but also already inside the 
name as  "name (ref)" .

a) ref should be reduced for the highway shield,
b) ref should be added to name (if specified in style-file) but a check 
should be carried out that no duplicate information is entered.
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