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[mkgmap-dev] Good news for Nakor!

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Mon Nov 2 15:54:24 GMT 2009

Mark Burton wrote:
> Hi Felix,
>> Using your patch but setting the values to:
>>     private final int MAX_POINTS_IN_WAY = 300;
>>     private final int MAX_POINTS_IN_ARC = 200;
>>     private final int MAX_NODES_IN_WAY = 64;
>> Gave me the best results so far, is there any reason why 
>> max_nodes_in_way is set to 16?
> Yes, in the past, some maps failed to route when more nodes than that
> were in a way.
>> Increasing it to 64 really improved routing over long distances (by 
>> about 2-3 additional turns).
> What do you mean by 2-3 additional turns?
I had to identical maps except for changing the above info and looked to 
get from A to B and allways increasing the distance - with above changes 
maximum distance between A and B could be increased by 2-3 turn 
instructions (the length doesn't matter much, what counts much more is 
the number of turns needed to reach somewhere). As the route chosen was 
otherwise identical, I do assume that the max_nodes_in_way and 
max_points_in_way are too low and can be higher for better routing.
> It may be that when the real problem is understood and fixed, these
> limits can be revised.
> Cheers,
> Mark
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