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[mkgmap-dev] region-name and MDR

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Sun Nov 1 22:54:44 GMT 2009

I noticed that for some countries (e.g. Italy) not every tile gets its 
own region name attributed. (I'm using the patch provided on the list to 
print out attributed regions).

Would it maybe be possible to use something like the geonames-file 
option used for the splitter?
(and have it with levels like 1=only add region from geonames-file for 
tiles without any region, and 2=add up regions until all possible16 
regions are used up).
I think the index becomes unusable if there is a tile without any region.

In Denmark I need to use max-nodes=400000 and of the resulting 14 tiles 
only 2 have a region...
Using the region-name option does not really seem a good option for 
large maps covering multiple tiles.

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