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[mkgmap-dev] Do we write the region and/or country index wrongly? Still not able to search addresses outside of current maptile on etrex vista hcx

From Gert Münzel Gert.Muenzel at netcologne.de on Sat Oct 31 23:30:05 GMT 2009

Sorry an addition/correction i have to make
Gert Münzel  *on* /Sat Oct 31 19:52:51 GMT 2009/
> afaik(at this time)
> 1. one can have more then one mapset with address index one gps
> 2. Address search only works for a tile
> 3. the map which covers  the wider area will be taken for address search 
> if there are more then one map(out of different mapsets) for a region
> 4. transparent maps can't be used on GPS for adress search
to 3.
on some examples this was true. But i tested this again with Metroguide tiles and openmtbmap DE
together on gps.
The smaller(less wide area) MG tile rules over the openmtbmap.
Not before you move the cursor in the wider area of the openmtbmap DE tile you can search in it.

to address search in other tiles by moving position:
there is no need to temporarily set your position to the other tile 
while gps receiver is in off mode(as i thought first).
Simply moving the cursor to the other tile is enough(on my 60csx, should 
be the same on Vista hcx and similar devices)


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