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[mkgmap-dev] Sea tiles problem

From Bennie du Plessis bennied008 at gmail.com on Mon Oct 26 10:53:43 GMT 2009

>On Oct 25, 2009, at 22:24, Toby Speight wrote:
> I've just started using the --generate-sea option, and it almost
> works.
> The problem is that of the UK, the whole of northern Scotland (north
> of a line through Stirling) is inverted - i.e. the land is blue and
> the sea is light yellow (black at night).  This is inconvenient, as
> that's where I live.

I found that :
applying --generate-sea to one tile works fine for my area, as long as I use
without --ignore-osm-bounds sea & land is reversed.
applying --generate-sea on 4 tiles for my area, with --ignore-osm-bounds, 3
are correct and one is reversed.
without --ignore-osm-bounds, the same 3 are reversed and the forth correct!

Maybe you can play a bit with this in mind.
Build a background map with only the coastline (using a style with only
coastlines), in one tile, with --ignore-osm-bounds on.
Build another map that is transparent and fits over the coastline map for
(I find that --ignore-osm-bounds interferes with routing)

Another question on this issue: all the sea polygons has an outline of a
darker blue than the fill colour.
Can this be changed in any way
maybe by a subsequent run of MkGMap with an appropriate style file?
What would the style file entry look like?

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