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[mkgmap-dev] Merging few .img to gmapsupp.img - typ error.

From honny honnycze at gmail.com on Sat Oct 24 15:54:29 BST 2009

Well, hi, is another solution yet, than using "gmaptool"? :| Why is it
overwriting their typ styles? :/

~ honny

old message
                Hi. I'm trying to merge few .img files (generated with
                mkgmap from osm data)
                into one gmapsupp.img file. Also, every .img file was
                created with own
                customization, own TYP file, ...). But, when i use
                java -jar mkgmap.jar
                --gmapsupp a.img b.img, it overwrite their TYP
                setting. :( Is there any way
                to merge .img files, but keep their TYP file
                settings? :/
                ~ honny

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