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[mkgmap-dev] tweezing-arcs: success

From Valentijn Sessink valentyn at blub.net on Mon Oct 19 20:28:27 BST 2009

Mark, list,

Today I had the chance of biking with an "arc tweezed" map on a route
that went wrong, previously. The tweezing really makes routing much,
much, much better. There is of course the occasional
why-do-you-send-me-this-silly-way routing decision, but generally,
bicycle routing has suddenly improved to a useful state; some of the
routing decisions are probably even the result of lacking
"cycleway=opposite" tags. Really good.

Occasionally, there was an odd direction, but that, too, was probably
the result of mapping oddities.

So, thanks again for the wonderful job mkgmap.jar does :)


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