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[mkgmap-dev] Is there a possibility to display highway symbols without putting the reference into the name?

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Sun Oct 11 13:55:22 BST 2009

Is there currently a possibility with mkgmap to display highway symbols 
without adding them to the name?

The following format:
highway=motorway {name '${ref|highway-symbol:hbox} ${name}'  }

causes problems with searching streets, if you know the streetname but 
not the ref and want to search for an adress.
Trying to get the reference out of the name while still displaying the 
highway-symbol boxes I did not find out a way how to do this.

(also changing to the following format is not working properly (but I 
would prefer to drop it from the name completely): {name '${name} 
${ref|highway-symbol:hbox}' }

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