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[mkgmap-dev] mdr version usage?

From Nakor nakor.wp at gmail.com on Mon Oct 5 20:01:18 BST 2009


I tried to generate a map using the mdr version of mkgmap and I am a little
bit confused.

I use the following command lines:

java -Dlog.config=..\logging.properties -Xmx3000M -jar
mkgmap-r1260\mkgmap.jar     --net --route     --description="OSM Detroit
area map"     --mapname=10000001  Detroit_091003.osm
java -Dlog.config=..\logging.properties -jar mkgmap-r1261mdr\mkgmap.jar
--family-id=2804 --series-name="OSM Maps" --family-name="OSM Maps"
--overview-mapname=Detroit     --tdbfile --index     10000001.img

First of all, I get some output that I do not quite understand:

for section 11, use pointer size of 2
for section 10, use pointer size of 2
for section 7, use pointer size of 2
for section 5, use pointer size of 2

Then I get two img files: Detroit.img and Detroit_mdr.img.

If I copy all the generated files to the appropriate directory I set up for
MapSource, I can display the map but I have no index.
I then tried to rename Detroit_mdr.img to Detroit.img. In this case,
MapSource crashes at startup.

Any help on what I am doing wrong here and how I can get a working index
would be appreciated.


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