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[mkgmap-dev] Continue patch not working on two routable roads.

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Thu Oct 1 12:30:49 BST 2009

On 30/09/09 22:32, Felix Hartmann wrote:
> In general the continue patch works great. However the continue patch
> does not seems to drop stuff if mkgmap later on thinks it is identical??
> After messing for 3 hours now trying to find out why some actions don't
> work I have found out that mkgmap does not enact the "continue" action,
> in case it thinks that the result is identical - or the tags are identical.
> OR if there is a difference in the routing attributes (or oneway).
> So currently it is not possible to put two oneway streets counterfacing
> via continue command, nor two identical ways with different routing speed.
> So lets start easy:
> *The following also does not work *
> highway=* [0x01 road_class=0 road_speed=1 resolution 20 continue]
> highway=* [0x01 road_class=0 road_speed=1 resolution 24]
> highway=* [0x01 road_class=0 road_speed=1 resolution 24]

For me, this gives two roads (the first and the second) just
as I would expect.  What do you expect to happen?

> *The following example simply does not work:*
> highway=* & incline=down {set oneway=yes; set copy=98}
> highway=* & incline=up {set oneway=-1; set copy=99}
> highway=* & incline<0 {set oneway=yes; set copy=98}
> highway=* & incline>0 {set oneway=-1; set copy=99}
> highway=* & copy=* [0x16 *road_class=4 road_speed=3* resolution 20 continue]
> highway=* & copy=99 {set oneway=yes} [0x01 road_class=0 road_speed=1
> resolution 24]
> highway=* & copy=98 {set oneway=-1} [0x01 road_class=0 road_speed=1
> resolution 24]
> *- here 0x16 only is output. The following example will work however:*

Again, I get the two lines that I would expect.  For highway=primary
and incline=down, I get a 0x16 and a 0x1.

But I do see a problem: both roads will be drawn with the same value
of oneway.  This problem will happen for every tag that is interpreted
in the code and not in the style file, eg access= and so on.


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