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[mkgmap-dev] Mkgmap appears to hang on some split files

From Lambertus osm at na1400.info on Mon Sep 28 15:39:23 BST 2009

Well, you are probably right in that the Java VM itself in hanging: The 
process hung again and jstack reports: "Unable to open socket file: 
target process not responding or HotSpot VM not loaded".

Forcing it to attach gave an error about HotSpot not being able to find 
a "Symbol". Anyway, I guess it's time to move to another Java VM...

Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> On 28/09/09 15:09, Lambertus wrote:
>> The error files were produced using kill -4<pid>. Kill -1 till -3 had
>> no effect on the process. Just switching to using Sun Java is probably
> That would explain it then :)  But -3 should have caused java to write
> out the stack traces onto standard output.  If you would have seen that
> but didn't that would also lend support to the idea that java itself
> was hung.
> Cheers,
> ..Steve
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