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[mkgmap-dev] --add-pois-to-areas and adress problems

From Christoph Wagner freemaps.osm at googlemail.com on Tue Sep 22 23:15:20 BST 2009

Christoph Wagner schrieb:
> Hello list,
> I just want to produce a garmin map, where you can see all adresses
> tagged in osm, even the adresses on a building polygon for example too.
> So I used the --add-pois-to-areas option and wrote just one line in the
> points style file:
> addr:housenumber=* {name '${name} (${addr:street} ${addr:housenumber})'
> | '${addr:street} ${addr:housenumber}'} [0x7100 resolution 24]
> I hoped that there would be nodes at the place of building-polygons
> tagged with adresses but it isn't so.
> I can see just the nodes that were tagged as nodes.
> What is the problem? Does the --add-pois-to-areas option ignore adress
> information? Is it possible to change that in a way?
> Thanks and sorry for my bad english...
> Christoph

I found out, that if there is no rule for the adress tag  in polygon
stylefile the polygon wouldn't be evalueted for conversion to a single
As the option --add-pois-to-areas implies the poiType should be set also
according to point-rules  even for polygons, because they might be
converted to points but will not be examined, since they dont have a
polygon rule.

That is why you will see a P rendered in a parking area only if you also
  have a rule that include parking areas in the polygons stylefile.

For housenumbers I'd like to have ONLY the collapsed points in the
garmnin map and not the house polygons themselfs.


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