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[mkgmap-dev] The splitter and relations containing relations

From Chris Miller chris.miller at kbcfp.com on Sun Sep 13 13:57:44 BST 2009

I've just noticed that there isn't any support in the splitter for relations 
that contain other relations, even though it is permitted by OSM. This means 
that a relation won't be written to a tile if it contains other relations 
from that tile but no nodes or ways from that tile. I'm still a bit of an 
OSM newbie so aren't sure how often this is likely to occur or what the consequences 
are if these relations are lost. I'm not aware of anyone having mentioned 
it before now, so I guess it's not too serious a problem? Or is it something 
peopl have just been living with (possibly without even realising)?

Anyway, I think I can add support for this without too much additional overhead 
(though recursive relations, and links through 3 or more levels of relations, 
makes things a bit trickier) so I'll add it to the todo list.


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