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[mkgmap-dev] Current function of add-pois-to-areas

From Jeffrey Ollie jeff at ocjtech.us on Sat Sep 5 22:35:27 BST 2009

I have a patch that adds a add-pois-to-named-areas.  It's not as good
a solution as I would like but it's better than before.  I'll post it
later this evening when I'm back home.

On 9/5/09, Nop <ekkehart at gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi!
> With recent discussions and versions I have lost track of what
> "add-pois-to-areas" currently does.
> In the last map I built with 1141 I noted that add-pois-to-areas was
> working a little bit to eagerly. I noted a small tree icon on many
> (every?) wood polygon. This of course is rather useless and clutters up
> the map.
> So my question is: Has anything been changed and how exactly does the
> feature work to avoid useless POI icons?
> thanks
> 	Nop
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