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[mkgmap-dev] Nuvi routing performance

From Apollinaris Schoell aschoell at gmail.com on Sat Sep 5 19:44:23 BST 2009

> Really disabling is impossible. What is possible to flash a non  
> routable US Basemap which you include in firmware. To go back do the  
> same for the european basemap.
> I once flashed my hometile of OSM. You can put maps up to around  
> 12Mb as Basemap.
> Doing such things is however very prone to sending your GPS into  
> Walhalla.

will do that when I feel like I need a new one anyway. The Garmin  
flash process is not very stable and had already troubles 2 times.  
Once the unit was exchanged under warranty and 2nd time I could fix it  
with the download version instead the webupdater.

> Most of this stuff has been found out by the eastern groups of  
> sellers of imported Garmin units and pirated maps.
>  There is even a way to flash your serial number (and thereby  
> takeover Garmin Accounts from other people) I have not yet seen such  
> a tool in the wild, only pics with range of units with identical  
> serial number that I take for not faked judging the people who have  
> published them. I am sure they use this to sell you "orignial  
> European units" as the serial number should usually be enough to  
> send the gps to German support (instead of having to send it to  
> Garmin UK). Too bad that those groups not start hacking the firmware  
> to offer some needed functions (e.g. reading tracks from SD, or  
> optimising the routing algorithm for offroad navigation) but only  
> focus on cracking for commercial success.

to sad they don't and we are offering so much for free with OSM

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