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[mkgmap-dev] Make --add-pois-to-areas default?

From Nop ekkehart at gmx.de on Sun Aug 16 22:14:20 BST 2009


Thilo Hannemann schrieb:
> "One feature, one OSM-object
> Don't place nodes in (equally labelled) areas just to see some icon  
> appear on the map. The renderers will display icons on areas as well  
> and there's no need to have every parking-lot, soccer-ground etc.  
> twice in the database."

It is not true that all renderers will display icons for all areas.

It is also very questionable whether all renderers will always provide a 
meaningful positioning of automatically created icons, e.g. a simple 
approach will place the icon for an L-shaped area outside of the area.

I think that a manually placed POI is always preferrable over an 
automatically created one and the wiki is oversimplifying things here.


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