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[mkgmap-dev] mistake in options?

From Valentijn Sessink valentyn at blub.net on Thu Aug 13 18:05:55 BST 2009


> Are you confusing this with the series-name option which assigns the
> map name in the "Select a Product" drop down list in mapsource?

What I'm trying to achieve is a change in my Garmin Nuvi map selection
menu. It is currently saying:

[X] --family-name
   [1] OSM Map
[X] Regular Garmin Map Name
   [1] Area Of This Map

(Meaning: family-name does work and changes the map name) To change "OSM
Map" to "whatever" I tried all the xxxx-name options, and finally found
that changing the getDescription() to a hard coded "BLAH" would work. I
don't know why it didn't work another way - Felix Hartmann commented
that I need to set three naming options, I did not try that yet (and I
am a bit puzzled by it - if you don't set all three, the description
option doesn't do anything???)

So it's the Nuvi map naming that I'm after.

Best regards,

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