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[mkgmap-dev] Splitting multipolygons

From Nop ekkehart at gmx.de on Mon Aug 10 14:29:40 BST 2009


I am using an alternate splitter (built into OSM Composer) to prepare 
tiles for processing with mkgmap. It works rather well, except when it 
comes to the splitting of polygons involved in multipolygon relations.

A possible result of splitting is a large polygon split by a tile 
boundary into multiple smaller polygons all located in the same tile. 
These polygons all share the same id. The multipolygon relation is also 
contained in that tile.

Mkgmap (r1067) processes these polygons in a weird way. Sometimes one of 
them is visible and the others are missing, sometimes the multipolygon 
relation seems to be inverted with the clearings being shown as wood and 
the wood missing.

What is the expected strategy for splitting a polygon with multipoly 
relations into several parts within one tile? How does splitter handle 
this? Has there been some work around this area recently?


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