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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v3] sea polygons

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Sat Aug 8 16:42:40 BST 2009

On Sat, Aug 08, 2009 at 02:29:25PM +0200, Christian Gawron wrote:
> Here is an improved version of the sea polygon patch which also handles  
> shorelines intersecting the boundary of the map (set by the <bounds>  
> element).
> I have tested it with Ireland - there are still some islands which are  
> "flooded", so the patch should not be considered "final".

It doesn't seem to work on the Baltic sea.  I checked the southern coast
of Finland and the space around Åland, and it was mostly yellow.  The
coast lines were light blue, just like before.


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