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[mkgmap-dev] Memory limits for mkgmap and splitter

From Lambertus osm at na1400.info on Tue Aug 4 17:36:01 BST 2009

Chris Miller wrote:
>> Ah, this might explain the 'POI only' tiles I have without good reason
>> in the NE USA and Canada. Is there a possibility for a quick fix for
>> this behavior, as this would be most welcome...? :-)
> Not really... currently the limitation is that each node, way and relation 
> can only belong to a maximum of 4 areas. This is because during the split 
> each area is given an ID from 1-255 (8 bits) and up to 4 areas are squeezed 
> into a single 32 bit integer for each node/way/relation. This is really important 
> to save memory for the nodes and ways, so to support more than 255 areas 
> would require a lot more memory. What happens with > 255 areas is that multiple 
> areas map to the same 8 bits and so get mixed up with each other without 
> warning - there's no bounds checking on the bit manipulation. About the only 
> 'quick fix' is to refuse to split more than 255 areas, or to split them in 
> multiple full passes which will take significantly longer. In the meantime 
> your best bet is to split your areas.list file into two by hand, making sure 
> there's < 256 areas in each. Then run the splitter twice, once for each area 
> file you created.
Crap, this means I'll have to split North America into two sections 
using Osmosis. At ground level this means broken routing between the 
sections and that some cities/villages will be divided into two...

Thanks for the thorough explanation.

> Currently there's another limitation in that a relation can only appear in 
> a maximum of 4 areas - hence all the "Relation 123 in too many areas" message 
> you probably see when splitting. The result of this is that the relation 
> only gets written to the first 4 areas it encounters and won't appear in 
> any additional ones. I think I can fix this one fairly easily, I'll take 
> a look in the next few days.
That'll be great. Tia.

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