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[mkgmap-dev] custom icon do not display properly in Nuvi

From Torsten Leistikow de_muur at gmx.de on Sat Aug 1 19:23:19 BST 2009

Not all possible POI numbers are really working as expected when you are
using a typ file, even the default POI numbers are not all usable.

Sometimes the icons are only displayed at a zoom of 50m, sometimes other
strange things happen.

The following POI-numbers are working ok for me, when I use my own
typ-file (there might be other numbers as well, I haven't checked them all.)

0x4000-0x401f, 0x4100-0x411f, 0x5000-0x501f, 0x6000-0x601f, 0x6100-0x611f


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