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[mkgmap-dev] a routing problem

From Valentijn Sessink valentyn at blub.net on Wed Jul 29 14:05:41 BST 2009

Valentijn Sessink schreef:
> The following inter tile routing gives nice and unexpected results.
> areas.list:

You only need:

> 63240003: 0x24d000,0x34000 to 0x251000,0x3b000
> 63240008: 0x251000,0x25000 to 0x255000,0x39000
> 63240009: 0x251000,0x39000 to 0x255000,0x40000

Just found out: the trivial way to know which map part is which split is
using the "Map" button in the tool bar. It has an icon that vaguely
resembles a Cubism sort of Pac Man (what if... Picasso would have been a
game developer?)

Also: trying to route back (just put points D, E and F on the opposite
lane of the A2 highway) shows the same problems: routing from D to E and
E to F is OK, but D to F fails.


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