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[mkgmap-dev] - make cycleway tracks

From Valentijn Sessink valentyn at blub.net on Fri Jul 24 15:10:37 BST 2009

Sven Geggus schreef:
> You replaced cycleWay.copyTags with new code, this way you end e.g. up with
> something like this:
> highway=cycleway
> (+ more tags)
> instead of:
> highway=residential
> (+ more tags)   
> However, this may lead to a situation, where cycling one-way roads into the
> opposite direction might get _prefered_ over cycling into the ordinary
> direction in cases where cycleways are prefered over residential roads.

So you mean: if a certain way has
"highway=$something; oneway=yes; cycleway = opposite"
 mkgmap should ADD a fake road that has
"highway=$something, oneway=-1" and then access restrictions for pretty
much everything except bikes, is that what you're saying?

(I think it's not your English, it's the complicated situation)


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