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[mkgmap-dev] multiple garmin elements from one osm element

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Tue Jul 21 22:15:26 BST 2009

okay, that's a pretty modest time increase.

On 21/07/2009, Torsten Leistikow <de_muur at gmx.de> wrote:
> Felix Hartmann schrieb:
>> so my only fear is that going for continue/stop makes mkgmap
>> slower.
> I did some performance tests today, comparing mkgmap version 1087 with
> my modified version on the area (46.0;3.0) to (56.0;19.0) cut into 89 tiles.
> With the default style both the original version and the modified
> version took approx. 17 minutes. Actually the modified version was a
> little bit faster, but this can not be caused by the modification the
> reason must be some background work form the windows system. The
> resulting Garming image files had (as expected) the same size of 324MB.
> For the third run I used a modification of the default style, where I
> added a "continue" to evere conversion rule in the lines, points and
> polygon files (not very usefull except for some performance
> estimations). With this style the processing time increased to approx.
> 20 minutes and the resulting image files have a size of 434MB.
> If you want to try the modified version, you can download my jar-file
> at: http://demuur.gmxhome.de/mkgmap_multi.jar
> Gruss
> Torsten
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