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[mkgmap-dev] FW: --TDB option for ways only map doesn't show up in 6324000.img

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Jul 20 08:40:24 BST 2009

> My problem is that if laurels8.mp contains a full set of contours,
> hydrography and land cover my 6324000.img file shows a corresponding
> 07250732 quadrangle, but if laurels8.mp consists only of ways, there is
> no quadrangle for 07250732. Therefore, while I can see the ways in
> MapSource, I can’t use MapSource to select the ways only maps to combine
> with my other maps.

I think that this is expected for transparent maps.  As far as I understand
it you cannot select anything that does not have a polygon behind
so your land use polygons, so I'm guessing your land use polygons are
allowing you to select the ways in the first example.

Transparent maps don't have a background polygon so you can't select
anything from them normally.

So I think that is just how it works and there is nothing we can do
about that.  If anyone knows any different though, please shout


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