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[mkgmap-dev] Leisure & Barrier at same times

From David david.tlp at orange.fr on Tue Jul 14 22:35:18 BST 2009


I produce a map from Geofabrik Ireland file. I discovered that Saint 
Stephen's Green park in the Dublin city center is not well rendered (in 
the past it was OK). It looks like a polygon on OpenStreetMap.org but if 
you take a look in data, it is both a barrier=fence (rendered with the 
undefined polyline type 0x33) and a leisure=park (polygon type 0x17). 
How can I force to render the park at least  as a polygon and not only 
like undefined polyline ( without removing the barrier rule in lines 
style) ?
NB : if I remove manually the tag "barrier", the polygon is well 
rendered. Does it mean I found a bug or does it mean data should not be 
defined both like polyline and polygon in OSM ?

I know that is not your priority, but it becomes to be more and more 
difficult to display it in Mapsource or Roadtrip.  I don't know if it 
comes from OSM data or Mkgmap. Some parts of the map corrupt the display 
(Dublin city and south region). It depends on the scale and the level of 
details chosen . I did not find yet any clue in OSM data.


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