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[mkgmap-dev] Bugreport: Routing to POIs

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Mon Jul 13 22:20:22 BST 2009

Hi Thilo,

> I've not forgotten about this bug, it is still biting me. The problem  
> is that it I wasn't able to reproduce it with a small map. It seems to  
> be related to the size of map. My maps are very POI ladden, so that  
> might trigger it. By reducing the splitter tile size the frequency of  
> occurence was reduced a lot. If I reduce the size of the map to  
> anything suitable for debugging I don't see it. So I will monitor the  
> behaviour with my regular map-builds and report any findings, but as I  
> do about one run per day this will take its time.

OK - whenever you have something to work from, I will look at it.



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