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[mkgmap-dev] map types on different devices

From 7770 7770 at foskan.eu on Tue Jan 23 20:00:09 GMT 2024

An observation, but maybe known to all mappers :-)

I am using self defined TYP symbols for stay over huts or shelters along hiking 
trails or in the wilderness. 
It could be things like wildernes_hut lean_to shelter:

For that i use the styles (points) to assign points in the group 0x2bnn  (nn 
being a number).

According to the above page, eTrex devices may not show higher number than 
0x2b07 in that group.

What i notice is that GPSMAP 66s/st picks up higher values such as 
0x2b11-0x2b18 and displays them, whereas eTrex 32x does not pick up those but 
i have to map the same symbols/icons to lower numbers (which not all are 
free). E.g., 0x2b07 works. I yet have to try exactly where the cut off is.

Even if the eTrex 32x does not show the symbol on the map, at least some of 
the points can be searched for. If i have the map pointer close to the point 
and search for "all points" the points will show up in the list of close by 
points. But they do not show up under "lodging" category.

Does anyone have additional details or guidance that i could read to see if i 
can find better numbers to assign so that the self made TYP definitions would 
show up on the etrex 32x device?


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